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Despite her pregnancy, she won her 23rd Grand Slam tournament, and Serena Williams once again made a record. Vanity Fair Photos, Serena's mother's miracle miraculously reflected.

These beautiful photographs portray the 7-month pregnancy Serena.pregnancy Serena.

Image Credit: Annie Leibovitz / Vanity Fair

Other photos. Serena and her fiancé, the romantic co-founder Alexis O'Haraan, reflect the gentle love of the couple.The couple had decided in December of the year, but the couple decided to get married later this year.

Image Credit: Annie Leibovitz / Vanity Fair

Six pregnancy tests

For the first time, Serena publicly shared her pregnancy with the media.

Serena Vanity Fair told her that she knew her pregnancy a week before the Australian Open in January. Naturally, it was a surprise to Serena. She made six pregnancy test to confirm this.

Upon his resolve, he invited his future husband to come to Melbourne immediately. The meeting gave her six pregnancy test equipment in a paper bag.

After a medical examination, he played a brilliant game in Australian Oppe. No one knows about karpa, nobody, kos, food and friends.

Ready for baby

Image Credit: The Sun, Serena Williams / Instagram

Nine months may be long, but the stomach will swell up quickly. Though he has reached the third thrill, he is still preparing for a mental baby.

"Everything seems like a dream.

"If I had a baby in October or November, I would have thought of being the biggest liar in the world But I'm running my pregnancy life very soon before I expect"

Future parents are busy preparing for their child's arrival.

Meanwhile, Alexis has setup a propagator. Even when asked the word, he will throw a dollar in the piggy bank.

Also, Serena will start playing again in Dennis since January, "My game is not over."

This heroine is in the end to be better in tennis and motherhood. Both are eager to welcome their in the end to be better in tennis and motherhood. Both are eager to welcome their child.

* The Asian Parent reprinted with Singapore's permission

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