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வீட்டில் இருக்கும் அம்மாக்களே! : என்னை மன்னியுங்கள்

வீட்டில் இருக்கும் தாயாக இருப்பதுதான் உலகத்திலே கடுமையான வேலை. இதை செய்யும் அனைத்து அம்மக்களையும் நான் வணங்குகிறேன்.

Motherhood will turn a woman's life upside down. A little life is going to depend on you.If you are alone on this journey, life will be even tougher. You. If the mother is at home, that's all!

I have crossed this path. Because I did not miss anything as a mother of childhood, I did my job to do so. Every pepper they are crossing is a wonderful reward for our hard work, sleepy relationships, depression, pain, and depression that mothers face!

With my six-month-old baby, I was ready to face the challenge of motherhood. It was a simple thing and I thought it was easy to get the baby off if it was at home. But soon I realized my mistake was wrong.

Housewife and mother work hard in the world. Here are those things I've learned in my three years

1 You have no break

If you go to work, you can leave the baby grandpa-grandmother or takarilloUntil you come home. Eat your lunch in peace and drink tea. At the same time, if you are staying at home, you are my sympathies!takarilloUntil you come home. Eat your lunch in peace and drink tea. At the same time, if you are staying at home, you are my sympathies!

2 You do not have any support

Even if you are sleeping and hungry, even the guests who have come home should not be depressed.You will not get any help.

3 You are stronger than your health and sickness

In pregnancy and childbirth, you need unnecessary advice. But when you come to the baby, no one will come to look after "The baby refuses to come to me" is the common excuse.

Everybody who is surrounded by you as a baby child does not appear in the eyes when needed. Sometimes your husband will come to this list.

In health and sickness, you do not have a rest or bruise. As in the office, there is no specific time. Do not worry about the health and the peace of mind and always be the baby's niche.

Stress 24X7  

At the office, you will talk a lot of things with colleagues, or you will talk to friends about the country's behavior. This will greatly reduce your workload and stress. But the mother in the house is all at once. Besides the child, she is not a spokesman. Stress is growing too.

Thank you very much

Milk giving, dipper stitches, you need to sleep, but watch the daddy will get excited! This is the situation for all our mothers!

After more than two weeks, your husband is "at home, what's up?" He will say

I could not tolerate it for myself as a "space" and I needed a job.The mother of the house is the hardest job in the world. I worship all those people who do this.

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