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லாக்டோனிக் துகள்களால் தாய்ப்பால்  சுரத்தல் அதிகரிக்குமா?

சந்தையில் கிடைக்கக்கூடிய பெரும்பாலான பாலூட்டல் துகள்களின் கலாக்டாகோக்சூடன் மூலிகைகளும் கொண்டுள்ளது.

It is common for most women breastfeeding children. In the first few days, there is no doubt that there is not enough milk for children

In most cases, there will be psychological suspicion of whether or not there is enough breastfeeding. However, lactonic particles are recommended by the prescriptions that breast milk may increase.

Is it useful for lactonic particles? While some feel its efficacy, others do not notice a significant difference.

Often, lactonic particles have a habit of eating fennel. Therefore, there is doubt and concern that English medicine or Indian medicine works.

However, according to experts, lactonic particles are said to increase milk production.


What will be in the lactonic particles ...

Most herbal particles are available in the market with calcaretoxin herbs.

Calgadokos are the only products that help breast milk produce. Sometimes, if you do not have enough breastfeeding, Calgary's help is needed.

Often people who go to work need to add breast milk. This is why lactonic particles are needed.

Most lactonic particles available on the market are available only as herbs.This herbal nature does not cause any side effects.Two tablespoons per day should be eaten.It's good to meet your doctor and get advice.

Other natural lactonic particles. ..

There are natural mammals to increase the secretion of breast milk

1.Index: One  of the most commonly used kitchen items in India is to increase milk secretion. However, women who have lower sugar levels should definitely consult their doctors.

2. Fern: This fennel is usually the only thing for advice to young mothers of an elderly mother.

3.Blood: It is said to be a great source of milk. Studies have shown that consuming large amounts of garlic can lead to breastfeeding

4, oatmeal : Oatmeal contains not only a healthy breakfast, but also high prolactin. Increases the effectiveness of pituitary glands that help in milk milk secretion.