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மகள் அலீசாவுடன் சுஷ்மிதா சென் நடமாடும் இந்த விடியோவை நிச்சயம் பார்க்கவேண்டும்!

உங்கள் முகத்தில் ஒரு சிறு புன்னகையை வரவழைக்கும்.

We have said before Sushmita Sen is very fond of dancing. It is the best art to help children express themselves and recommend this art to all parents.

She has shared a video with her daughters for various tracks on different platforms. Each time, these three fairy tales have been plundered by the dance for many

This time Sushmita and her younger daughter Alisa danced to Ed Sheeran's Shape of You song. The former Miss Universe, a beautiful swimmer, performed miraculously for the song.

Seeing Sushmita's dancing, the younger daughter Alyssa started to dance together.It's not enough! Check out this video that breaks the Internet. This video was shared by Sushmita Instagram;


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Sushmita shared the excitement during the shooting of this video. Soon she will start her Euro tour. She is going to take her daughters too.

"We took the first leg of the tour! Three dreams come with expectations"

Sometimes, even if a parent is better than two parents, we can make those responsibilities better.


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Not only do children help to express themselves, but also close to the family. The reasons why mammals and children can be a good entertainment

1 is a drain for you : Dancing is a solution to control your health, to remove your stress and tension. Filling one's favor with each other.

2.Dancing: Dancing is really like a big cardio exercise. It is fun and fun. If you want to lose weight, do not want to go for gym or walk, put music with the children asking music!

3. Dancing helps you to control your controls : dance is a great way to control your prevention. Many children have shyness before engaging in different exercises in the school. If the children dance in the house, the shy and hesitation in the outside world will slightly reduce.