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" பெண்கள் கல்நெஞ்சக்காரர்கள்": செக்ஸ் பொம்மைகளை காதலிக்கும் ஆசிய கணவர்கள்

தங்கள் திருமணங்களில் மகிழ்ச்சியற்ற கணவர்கள், ஆறுதல் மற்றும் தோழமைக்காக செக்ஸ் பொம்மைகளை நாடுகிறார்கள்.மக்களே, இந்த ஆண்கள் சுயநலவாதிகளா?

The love between two husbands and wives will be extinguished within a few years. After the baby is born, many women have a tendency to have sexual stimulation. When our body is in the habit of taking care of the baby, sex in women will be reduced.

If both sides try patiently, it is possible to return to love in a marriage. When it comes to "husk" "sharing" and "understanding" for your husband, what is the justification for buying a sex toy home?

Mousaiyuki, a Japanese-based husband, faced a humiliation when she was taking a silicon sex toy at home. The wife of Riho Osagi.Muu, who lives in the name of Mei, shares the bed of Masayuki. The doll is taken to the tats and masculi attractive clothes to make her happy.

"Japanese women bosses"

"After my daughter was born, my wife refused to have sex with me, so I was living as lonely," she said in an interview with AFP.

Husband pointed out that "Japanese women are hardhearted" and not trying to talk to her without considering the difficulty of her husband.

"Women are selfish. When we go home and work home, wives should listen to our speech lovely and never be silent"

This husband, who saw the sex toy in the showroom, considered the overall image of her dream. "At first glance I was romantically involved."

The silicon toy came home, angry at her husband Rih. Masaiukhi's indifference. Now she's used to "somewhat reluctantly in these days with her husband, lamenting."

I am doing my duties like cooking and cleaning the house, and I have a better sleep than sex. "

The couple's daughter? "When I knew it was not a Barbie doll, my daughter was disgusted," Masaiyuki admits without worrying to say "she has grown old enough to share her magic clothes".

Removable heads

In a wheelchair she will take her silicon lover to the tape. Pose to the movies, go to hotels, and long bathing - he will do all the love affairs of a husband and wife with his toy.

Another father, Sieni Nakajima, 62, usually keeps his silicon lover taken to a stroll and park. He will take you to bed

In the sex toy market, Mayu and his opponents have features such as genitalia, adjustable fingers, and a true skin composition. Hudhoya Susia, managing director of the puppet maker Orient Industry, says: "These dolls that look like real girls are actually a feeling of touching the girl."

The dolls worth $ 6,000 are made with removable heads. If no one remembers anybody, and husbands have the desire to enjoy their desire, they can get their head off.

More than 2,000 sex toys are sold every year in Japan. In Singapore, one seller says it has 20 customers within a year starting its business

"Lament less than real women"

These silicon dolls, such as a gentle leather system, look like a real girl, can not stand the feel and feel of a real girl.

Why do these husbands leave their wives to husbands? For example, Nakajima lives separately from his wife who prohibits her silicon girlfriend.

In a woman's view, the answer below is recorded as an offensive against women. Some men respond to this.

"In the future, men are more likely to go to men than women." Yoshida Haydo said, "It's not a traumatic and less lion than women."

And Nakajima says, "People have anticipation. I never love a real girl again and they are rude."

It is clear to us that we are. For men

A woman who needs a need

You must endure

Even though their wives have been blamed for being unkind, these husbands do not seem to value the woman's feelings. Even though the marriage is difficult, it has to work as much as possible to fix a broken relationship. Do not try to find a toy to disperse the problems.

All those! What's your vision? How would your husband get a sex toy? Share your thoughts in the area below!

Source: theindusparent