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புனே சிறுவன் 71 சதவிகிதம் HSC தேர்வில் பெற்றதால் மனமுடைந்த தந்தை தற்கொலை செய்து கொண்டார்

இது போன்ற முடிவை எடுப்பதற்கு முன்னால் தன் மகனை பற்றி சற்று நினைத்திருக்க வேண்டும்.

It is pathetic to the people living with the old protocols in the present digital age. In this shocking news, 48-year-old Pune veteran Madhavan Pillai committed suicide by gaining 71% of his son's plus two exam.

She lives in Pimbri district of Pune and is very disappointed with her son having just 71 percent marks.

Since 91 percent of the 10th grade At least 90 percent scores were thought to have been received by police officials.

When the son came home with the results of his home, Madhavan was shocked and disappointed. He locked himself in the bathroom and hanged to death. He had the desire to bring his son back to medicine.

There is no guarantee that life can be improved only when higher marks are taken

Exam stress

With this suicide, the son must live with guilt all his life. It is shocking that parents will go to any decision because of their child's decision.

We often forget that there is no guarantee that scores can improve in life. If you are interested in learning more than taking the values, you will be interested in learning not only in school but also in your lifetime.

When you come to your child's education, tell them to focus more on learning. Knowledge, memory and problem solving skills will only benefit your child's life.

Source: theindusparent