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பியூனின் கட்டளையின்படி, 8 வயது சிறுமி இன்னொரு சிறுமியின் யோனிக்குழாயில் விரலை நுழைத்தாள்


Sometimes children talk to the truth that the truth is talking about us. Another child experiencing sexual abuse by another child in a shock caused.

At the government orphanage, an 8-year-old girl dropped her finger at the 7-year-old girl's chamber. The lady was leaked from the pipe to the hospital

She told the police about her behavior, saying, "It's good for the body."


The girl gave a shock to the police, saying "Anantha is good for the body".

Minor Rape case

In further investigations, the accused girl was raped by a man called "Anna" for two months.

"Everyday I'll go with me. If I shout at the pain, why is it good for health?" Now councilors are talking to that girl. The police are also investigating the case.

In the further investigation, it was revealed that a man who was raped was working as a caretaker for 6-year-old children.

The girl's complaint was immediately arrested by the 30-year-old man

A Lesson for All Parents

Sometimes, the children will publish the shocking information in innocent ways. Sometimes they do not understand exactly what they do. What can be done as a parent?

1. Do you have something to say by your gesture? Are you suddenly afraid of something? Do you have some suspicious habits? Talk quietly to children. Think about what you are afraid of.

2. Have you heard your child's talk? In many cases, we have been listening to them and advised them to be very important for children.You ask what they say, for a change.

3. Would you like to hear in school? How do we allow a child to make many decisions, how does he or she behave in school? Tell the school administration to allow the child to speak openly at school. That courage can give you confidence in the home.