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பாஹுபலி புகழ் பிரபாஸ் வீட்டில் பார்த்த பெண்ணை திருமணம் செய்யப்போகிறார் ( உண்மையாகவே!)

அமர்ந்தர பஹுபலி, மெகா-ப்ளாக்பெஸ்டர் பஹுபலியின் வெளியீட்டிற்கு பிறகு அணைத்து பெண்கள் மனதையும் கொள்ளை கொண்டும் கதாபாத்திரமானது.நடிகர் பிரபாஸ்,தெற்கில் மிகவும் பிரபலமானவர் என்றாலும்,உலகம் முழுவதும் ஒரே இரவில் பிரபலமானார்.

After the release of Mega-Blackposter Bahubali, Amrinda Prabhas played the role of the girls and the band. The actor Prabhas is famous all over the world, although one of the most famous in the south.

However, in his real life, he is a paternal uncle. In 2010, a leading businessman's daughter is getting ready for all the arrangements to get married.

Bhupathi Raju, the leader of the leading businessman Rasi Cements,


According to the Times of India report, "Prabhas is going to marry a businessman's grandfather." Raji Simmons leader Bhupathi Raju's family has been in talks with Prabhas's family for the cause "

This was a big disappointment for her fans. However, this 40 year old star has always been reluctant to talk about her marriage to the media. Precisely, Prabhas rejects 6000 generations due to the scarcity shooting. Later, there were rumors that the actress was close to Anushka Shetty.


Amarendra Baahubali & Devasena ❤️ #newstill #baahubali2 #prabhas #anushkashetty

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We are expecting Prabhas to marry the pioneer's wishes. Even today, people are still surprised to hear that the girl still parent (Naal Neet Nitin Mukesh married his parent's wishes) The marriages made are good.

1. Arranged marriages are arranged with the
consent of the families of the two families. The marriages of marriage will have a great bond between the families and lead to reconciliation in the home.

2. Couples welcome change
before they get themselves to suit after the wedding without any expectation

3. The good match
with the mother-in-law Parents decide that the girl and the boy have a good relationship with their mother-in-law Mamana.This is a basic requirement for reconciliation in the family,