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நகரும் படிப்பாதையில் தலை முடி சிக்கி தவித்த இளம் சிறுமி

நகரும் படிப்பாதையில் கேசம் சிக்கி தவித்தாள் ஒரு இளம் சிறுமி . . இந்த சம்பவத்தின் வீடியோவில் வழியில் தவித்துக்கொண்டிருக்கும் சிறுமியை காணலாம்...

This tragedy affected our minds.

The girl's hair was trapped in the moving walkway

In the town of Tao in the Philippines, when the baby was moving in the moving footage, she missed her toy. A young girl was trying to take it, and she was trapped with the metal plate.

Prior to pressing the emergency ban button, the girl's hand trapped in the middle.

Vanessa Pyagom was the only person who recorded the video online, and said: "It was only when I could not take the toy.

"The little girl started to cry out," he said, "and we were sad that no one could do anything."


In this video, when the father tried to comfort me, the child could see the painless and unhappy scenes.

To relieve the head, the mall's servants cut the mussel, which was caught with Katri. Mall Secretary Jean Connetan dropped the bottom of the machine to free his hand.

The spokesman said, "There is no harm to the girl's health. Everything has returned to the old situation. That's the most important thing"

Here is the video of this little girl's heart ...

Remember these safety tips when you are moving in the moving staircase

1 baby before climbing

Take care of the missing items, avoid ribbon, shoe lace, other clothes or hanging items

2 Hold the baby's hand always

A moving staircase is supposed to always go ahead with the escalator's baby.


Do not play 3

Steps should not be played on the edge or sitting.

If you have 4 strollers, use the elite

Always use the stroller when using stroller. In a study that has been carried out over the years, the number of accidents associated with 13,000 children depend on 723 strollers.

At that time, the kids will step down and leave. So take the time to take care of the time

5 Take the baby up

Children do not have sufficient advancement to get out of the pavement immediately on the pavement.

If you jump out of the pavement, you have a chance to fall down. It is the right way to throw the baby from the escalator.

6 "Komp" - Avoid the bag

Moving steps, when touching the floor, will be equal to its size. The toes of the baby are in trouble. Always avoid it.

Go to the middle of 7

Always put children in the middle. The problem is always in the right or left direction.

8 Shoes type is very important

Avoid wearing too much boring plastic shoes. Most casualty events have been caused by shoes such as Crooks or Korux. If you keep the shoes on both sides of the escalator, it will cause a furor to cause a ligament.

9 Consider the environment

Before traveling to Escalator, check your environment. Even if you are looking at the child, keep track of the people around you.

In a hurry, you and your child are more likely to be able to climb, so it is better for the baby to travel in a crowded place.

10 Keep your baby watching every time

You will be able to get rid of your darts. You can also try to get a shredded toy. You can not always leave the baby on both ends of the necklace.