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திருமணமான பெண்களுக்கு வாய்வழி செக்ஸ் (oral sex ) எவ்வளவு முக்கியம்

வாய் வழி செக்ஸ் இல்லாததால் திருமணத்தில் எதிர்மறையான விளைவுகள் ஏற்படுமா? சில அம்மக்களை கேட்போம்.

Close to your husband. Always try to feed the enthusiasm. You do not have to try anything new at all times. It's important that you have a choice over their wishes.

In the interesting poll for parents who conducted Parents Town, we finally learned a lot of things. 36.36% of women, who are in favor of their husbands, want their husbands to get an oral sex. 22.73% of women are satisfied with the oral sex they have .40.91% women do not respond to it.And we wanted to know how important the Oral Sex of Couples was.


Oral Sex, Bellingo or Cunillacus is the only instigator in the sexual orientation of your private body by mouth or tongue. If the clitory stimulates correctly, the female will also have a breastfeeding. The 4000 nerves of the body end up in the Clitoris. That is why, it is more sensitive and powerful.

According to Yudurdongo, the oral sex is more intensive to women than sexually transmitted sex.

Even though some women do not like oral sex, it's just that for many women. It's a good guide for oxygen replacement.

For this close action, both have to surrender with full confidence. There is no need for penetration.It is not wrong to tell the child about this.Because of this, the confidence of the girl will rise.You have to devote yourself to a happy wife.

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According to Psychologist, oral sex, depending on the size of sexism.

However, men do not get involved in oral sex if their partner does not gravitate. Thus, wives will have some kind of inferiority.

Although the wives have given oral sex to their husbands, the husband is very embarrassed to refuse to give them. In the survey, many women found that they were not interested in oral sex

According to a survey conducted by Simple Marriage 98 married women, 82 percent said they were satisfied with oral sex. 68 percent of women were infiltrating, but only 25 percent went to the forefront

Frobley is very important. Frobly is the source of hope and trust between husband and wife in front of Oral Sheks. It is necessary to make a complete impression of ooral sex. Do not rush to get someone to climax.

Oral sex is not only important in life. However, your sex life should be interesting to keep your mate happy.