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தாய்ப்பாலை நிறுத்த குழந்தைக்கு கொடுக்ககூடாத 17 உணவுகளில் தேன் ஒன்றாகும்?

குழந்தைகளுக்கு கடினமாக உணவை கொடுக்கும் வேளையில் கீழ்காணும் உணவை கொடுக்கக்கூடாது!

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In such situations, parents often feed the wrong meal. In some cases, the food we give is worse than good.

Childhood feeding will build up the health of the future. Click on "Next" to find out which foods you can not give to children.


Biscuits with low nutritional value, especially in high-calorie foods such as cream biscuits, are high in cholesterol and sugar. "The fat and sweetness in which the sweetener will remove the bitterness," says Gogorovna-based lokendra tommer, nutrition and nutrition expert.

Alternative food: Cookies made with apple sauce can be given.

Nuts of nuts


"Children less than five years of age will be able to swallow the nuts," said Shirley Ganesh, a nutrition specialist at the Columbia Asian Hospital.

Alternate food: Boil the nuts in water at night. After soaking, grind the mixture into groats in the millet. The kids are very fond of it, "says Tomar.

Instant food

There are many foods in hard to start hard food. Because of the high insulin, the baby may be more hungry, "says tomarinta Unhealthy sudden weight gain.

Alternate food: 1 cup ragi flour, 1/3 cup powdered, 1/3 cup chopped nuts, 1 cup paprika, 1/3 cup turmeric powder and grate it. Place the lid and put it in the bottle. Before feeding the baby, add the hot water.

Breakfast Sefer Breakfast Cereal

Do not start with the serum of the baby's most important food.Your baby's teeth can be damaged. "There is a lot of sodium in it and children can not digest it," says Ganesh

Alternate meals: Tolia, Ubma, Oatmeal porridge, and baby rice porridge are a healthy alternative.

Sweet Pancakes Sweet

Sweets such as jalebee, beta, chauver have a lot of ghee, oil and sugar. Because in high calories, the baby's stomach will be blocked without any nutritional value.

Alternative Food: Alfalfa Alva, Fruit Puree, Sugar Fruity Yogurt, Good Alternative Foods For Your Baby.

Cake and pastry cake

It's hard to say that you do not have a cake. Because sugar and sugar are too high, it can cause some kind of fatigue in children.

Alternative food: home remedied almonds, pheasam, sugar substitute, almond substitutes.

Chocolates and candies chocolates

Because sugar content is high, the baby's teeth will be affected. Bubbles should not be given. Some sweets are thrown into the throat. Cockets contain caffeine and sugar.

Alternate food: A good alternative for the fruit or mashed fruit.

Roadside snacks

Do not! Ganesh says, "Because of less immunity, children can easily lose and they are less likely to digest these foods," says Ganesh.

Alternative food: If you're going out, take the home-ready Baby Foot Powder (as mentioned in the previous slide).

Salt snack and chips

Children under the age of one do not need too much salt. Sips and nummins have high salt content that can be used to stimulate appetite. "Higher saline increases blood pressure. It also increases the pulse. At a later age, the heart can be affected at the age of 15. Children can have a heart attack at the age of 15," says Tomar.

Alternate meals: Baked paprika, cheesecake, maize, steamed bread lumps are all good alternatives.

Instant noodles

We all know this is not it? Children will soon become addicted to the noodles' taste and gentleness. "Noodles is made by Maida. The gluten in it is stunted in the intestines," says Tomar. More children will swallow instead of biting. This may cause stomach pain.

Alternative food: Rice ginger and thalia are good substitutes.

Soda and soft drinks

Sugar in the soft drinks will destroy the baby's teeth. And disrupt his digestive system.

"Most drinks are not suitable for children because of having caffeine," says Ganesh.

No cooked fruit juice. "There are chemothers called alhhydrates, even though the alcoholic fruit is a smell that can cause liver damage." When it's consumed regularly, it will damage the liver and it will play an important role for children, "says Tomar.

Alternate food: Give the juicy juice to your baby.

Tea and coffee

Tea and coffee should definitely be avoided. "Any drinks that contain caffeine should not be given to the baby. Ganesh says that tannins in tangerine will prevent iron absorption.

Alternative food: The cow's milk is only suitable for baby.

Ready Meals

Ready meals, packaged foods can be easy to prepare. "Of course, sodium content is high in this diet and it's very hard for digestion," says Ganesh.

Alternative food: Feed nutrients with carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Deep sea fish

Marlene, boobs, sura fish or sharks have high mercury.

Alternate food : With low spice, fish can be given to fish, fish and tongue.

Fast Food

Pizza, Burger, Pinger Chips - Wow! High Fat, Sugar and Salt - Wow No! Sugar, salt and saturated fatty does not apply to the soft digestive system of children.

Alternate food: Enjoy boiled carrots or mashed potatoes.

Fried snacks

Fried snacks like samosa, pajji and cuttle have saturated fats. They are very hard to digest. And have less nutrition.

Alternate food: Boil the boiled / steamed potato or corn with chut spice.

Honey honey

Many people advise to give honey to get good talks for the baby.Don't ask this.He must avoid honey until the age of one year. "The bacteria in honey can cause toxins in the baby's intestines. This is a serious illness called fund botany"

Alternate food: Bananas or boiled apples can be added to the sweetness of the baby's porridge or pajamas.