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" தங்கள் தந்தை செய்தது தவறு என்று என் இரட்டையர்களை தெரியவந்ததும். இதற்கான தந்தனையும் அனுபவித்தார் என்பதையும் தெரிந்துகொள்ளவேண்டும்" மான்யதா தத்

மான்யதா தத் தன் குடும்பத்தை கையாண்ட விதத்தில், குழந்தைகளிடம் சில சங்கடமான உண்மைகளை எப்படி குழந்தைகளிடம் சொல்வது என்று கற்றுக்கொள்ளலாம்.

We have to admit that there is some unpleasant truth in every family.The child's confusion about whether or not to tell the baby.


Sometimes, the family's secrets will tell the children about the subject matter. That too, because they are in the age of tense, and the little things are deeply in the mind.


However, Maniada Dutt, the wife of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, is the perfect example for her twins. We all know the low downs of actor Sanjay Dutt.


Now, as a father of two children, children have the responsibility to tell extraordinary things in life. And to live the perfect example for children.


Manitha Dutt, an excellent mother


Sanjay Dutt's wife Maniada is a distinguished person. At the right time, she plans to give her everything to her children.


As Manitha Dutt handled her family, she learned how to tell the children some unpleasant facts.



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In the recent interview of HT Brunj, Manitha Dutt faced questions directly without swallowing the words "I want to tell my children about the mistake of her father and to know about the things that her father had lost"


Now two-year-old children are 7 years old when their father was sent to prison. The reason for their father's absence is unreasonable, and it is not mentally affected.


As he is now growing up, he will deal with this matter in maturity.


In an interview, "They are not in the age to understand what happened. My children are their father's hero.My son is very much like my father for Sharon.I am very worried about both things.Firstly, this thing gives them a great shock. Can not. Secondly, her up I do not want to believe that what he did because of his love for Ba.



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They do not have the courage to tell my father about the wrongdoing of the children. But Manayada, has a lot of mental courage


He added: "What happened is, how it happened and I try to explain how my husband handled this"


Children should definitely know your parents from your parents.Anyway, wait for the time to come.Anyway you have to save childhood offenses.


As he says, "their childhood should be saved, they are not in the mood to talk about it"


Teach children to meet with yours


The duty of parents not only protects the children from life's cruelty. By informing these bitter truths, children can have the courage to ask questions that you do not understand. This star mother, Manayatha Dutt is doing the same thing.



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Mother Manyatha knows how to deal with such situations. Read the following tips before talking to the children about some difficulties in your life.


1 Common Mistakes: Parents sometimes make two mistakes - they do not tell the whole story and hide some things.


According to psychologists, these are both false tactics. If there is a difference between the truth and the truth that has been said at a young age, the confidence in the parents will be reduced. So it is good to tell all the truth to the children.


  1. The right time: You have to wait for the right time.When the children come to mature, come to talk openly when things come to mature.


3.Don't be sure: teach your children an important lesson without being shy about your past.


You may feel sorry for trouble. But do not be ashamed. Say that the wrong thing is not a good one