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"டிவோர்ஸை தவிர்க்க இரண்டாவது குழந்தையை திட்டமிட்டோம்"

உங்கள் மனதில் எழும் குழப்பமும் கேள்வியும் எனக்கு புரிகிறது.இருந்தாலும் நாங்கள் இந்த முடிவிற்கு வந்த காரணத்தை பற்றி நீங்கள் தெரிந்துகொள்ளவேண்டும்

The topic of this article has already shocked you. Is divorce a second child divorced?

What is a bad idea to come up with a child in this world? Can not even handle a marriage, when it comes to bringing a life into the world?

I understand the confusion and question that arises in your mind.Anyway we should know about the reason for this decision.

We both got married in love.People have breached our consent and got married.

We were happy for many years of marriage. For example, parents and relatives will point to their children. Many relatives are happy to meet our two.

We all know the truth, even if everyone tells us of the adulterous couple   .

The cracks began between me and my husband. We know that no effort can be made to stop this cracking.

We tried everything.During marriage and sex councils. Counseling did not help us in any way.

Meanwhile, a child is different from us, and we have a naturally received child.

To grow up the child, the distortions in us began to grow. Even though we do our duty as pioneers, the gravity between us has reduced.

That's it like that

My child is too sensitive (sensitive). If there is a slight fight or tension in the home, the mood becomes more severe and the flu will fall. This has become a routine.

We tried to stay together for our child.It's not useful.Even after a few years, it will not be the same for the whole life.That's why we decided to have a second child.


No matter what everyday fighting, Brotherhood can be a great pillar and comfort.

In the absence of parents, we can talk with your siblings. In some moments, my husband and I were discussing with our brothers, even though our marriage was broken.

At the time we split, our children look at each other kindly.

My husband and I are facing our faction so much that I do not have any impact on my children. Sibling is always good for children. What do you think about this?

Note: Writer name can not be specified due to a request