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கோலி கேய்ட் டிராப்ஸ் மற்றும் கிரைப் வாட்டர். எது குழந்தைகளுக்கு சிறந்தது?

குழந்தைகள் இரு மருந்துகளுக்கும் வேறுமாதிரியாக நடந்துகொள்வர். நேவ், இவை இரண்டிற்கும் எதிர்மறையான எதிர்வினை இருக்கிறதா என்று பார்க்கவேண்டும்.

This is the only question that can always be raised on the occasion of the birth of a parent on the occasion of the birth of a parent. What to do with the child's stomach? Kohly cayt traps and gray watter, what does it give?

When I was the first time I was scared when my baby was crying! What should I do? What can I do for my child? When I discovered that it was stomach pain, I was thinking of what both Kohly Cayd Troops and Gray Waters would give.

My second child increased abdominal pain. I gave both the Traps and the Gray Waters.

But the only question that was raised in my mind is this - is it safe? Yes, what's better than one? What can I give to my child?

What are the colicoid traps?

This colic is the medicine that helps to reduce the pain and discomfort caused by the extra mouth in the body. Newborn babies absorb more air. That leads to increased flatulence.


And sometimes, the pain can also cause pain.

These colicide traps will break the flatulence bubble and give relief to the pain.

Usually, the child must be mixed with milk, water or liquid to adhere to the age of the child. You should consult the recommended dose of doctors.

What is Gray Water?

Gray watts include many herbs. It includes cauliflower, ginger, cinnamon, lemon, chamomile and ligaris. These herbs help in improving digestive tract, and removes all the mouth from baby infections and helps prevent gas formation.

Being sweet to taste, you can give your baby back to food. If the baby does not like the taste, add to breast milk or water. Get advice from the doctor for this too.


What's the Best - Colicaid Traps or Gray Water?

It's hard to say what's best in this. Because they both control the problem only for a short time without removing the stomach pain.

The children behave differently in the two medications. Nave, you have to see if they have a negative reaction to both.

What can you do to get rid of stomach pain naturally?

Unfortunately, this pain does not have any treatment. Much of the children are in the fifth month of this pain relief from the pain. In the meantime some things can be done to reduce this pain and discomfort.

  • After feeding each time, do it better than baby. It will help to release the mouth.
  • Run the baby and spin the legs in the loop as if in the tail. Make some time at least once a day.
  • Place the head in a slightly higher position when feeding the baby
  • Smooth talking, clinging to the cloth, knocking on the back and tearing down the stomach may try.
  • You can reduce your child's diet and increase its payments so that your child's stomach does not reach. A little bit of stomach.

Sometimes the child's stomach pain will lose your patience. If you get angry or lose patience, get some help.

If you feel like you or your baby are suffering, you should definitely seek medical help.