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கொடூரம்!மும்பை பள்ளியில் 4 வயது சிறுமி பாலியல் பலாத்காரம் செய்யப்பட்டாள் !

டின்டோஷி பொலிஸ் நிலையத்தின் இன்ஸ்பெக்டர் ராஜராம் ஹன்மானே அறிக்கையின்படி, ஆகஸ்ட் 1 -4 க்குள் பள்ளி கழிப்பறையில் இந்த சம்பவம் நடந்திரக்கூடும் என்று அறியப்படுகிறது.

According to the staggering information from Mumbai, a 4-year-old girl was allegedly sexually abused by Beuu.

Zugilal Poddar Academy (SJ Academy) has staged a protest action.

Because the school executives did not comment on the allegations, the details of the culprit were not revealed.

Some information was revealed that the child was raped inside the school toilet. In this school, Puyen was arrested and kept in custody.


According to the report of inspector Rajaram Hanmaye of Tintosh police station, this incident is known to have occurred in school toilet by August 1 -4.

The baby's mother filed a complaint on August 5. The case was filed under the Children's Safety Act. The police arrested and arrested the culprit for arresting the accused. The consent will be kept in Remand till August 11.

On Tuesday morning, other parents listened to this shocking message were booked by their struggle for the school.

We pray every day for the infected child

Talk to your child about rape

There is a pleasure and a sense of being a parent. One of the great difficulties you face is how to tell your child about political abuse.

Basics : Before commencing two years, you have to tell the baby about the body parts. Put the clothes on the baby and make it easy to understand the language in the simplest language: "Make sure you wear your lounge". "No one has the right to take your luck except my dad and tell me if someone refuses to come back to me"

Be open: if you get a complaint of something and do not complain to them, do not condemn them. Speak softly.You should not always fear the fear of your anger.First you should be a good friend. They have to pay for emotional value.

Civilization: If you use the toilet, you should definitely close the door.

When the child uses the toilet alone, it is also necessary to tell the girl guard to take care of the baby