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குழந்தை பெறுவதற்கு முன் உங்களை நீங்களே கேட்கவேண்டிய 10 கேள்விகள்

நீங்களும் உங்கள் துணைவரும் குழந்தை பெறுவதற்கு திட்டமிட்டால்,முதலில் இந்த 10 கேள்விகளை கருத்தில் கொள்ளவேண்டும்!

It's not a normal matter to raise a child.You have to be ready for many responsibilities.

1. How do you end up arguments that arise in you?

If you have frequent struggles within yourself, you will have the responsibility and maturity of how to fix your problems and come to a decision.

If you are angry with your spouse, you should correct this problem before the child comes.Being a child is a big challenge.To overcome this challenge, both have responsibly with friends.

2. Are you ready for a parental responsibility?

Before you a child, you can understand the pinning of your mate's parenting. You and your partner must be prepared for such a responsibility.

A little man's life is in your hand.Before getting the child, you both must realize how big this is.

3. Are you ready to give up your comfort?

A child will evacuate your parents from the comfort zone. You will experience new shocking new experiences such as getting pregnant, diaper change, and having a sick child, and strive for your child, beyond your personal comfort.

You must continue to learn new things and get mental preparedness. At times, it is normal to miss some of the parenting aspects. All this is part of the new experience!

4. Frequent laughing habits

Learn to laugh at your own mistakes. Good to see,

The key feature is to pass before the child arrives. When you take care of your child, you will feel a sense of humor and humor. You can see good in any difficult situation.

5. Are your relatives ready?

Think about how your relatives will take your good news.The relatives need help to help your child. In some emergency situations, aid is definitely needed.

6. Are you both going to work? Are you going to be at home?

You have to create a suitable system for your family. If you are going to focus on the baby after birth, you must appoint a maid to care for the baby. Since it is necessary to take care of the baby, you can not work after a specific time. Come home soon.

If you are going to be a mother in the house, you have to sacrifice a lot of things.Most of the time, you have to take care of all the work.This will require a hard work and sleepy nights.To be ready to accept Such responsibilities.

7. Do you have time for yourself?

It's important to bring up your child..But, husband-in-law relationship is very important.To strengthen your family's relationship, you have to give each other time.

Even if you have a child, spending time with your mom is very important.

8. How do you handle discipline?

It is very important to teach your child discipline. When your child is unwell, talk to your mate about how to handle it.

If you come to discipline, you both have to condemn each other. If there is an disagreeement within you, the child will mess up.

9. How do you share your responsibilities?

Whether you're staying at home, or two of them, are important to share responsibilities.

Care for the child must be shared equally with all household jobs. In most cases you must respect your partner's opinion.

Does the child have enough funds?

The cost of raising the child is more than the responsibility of caring for a child.

Childcare is expensive Since, you should be a millionaire to be financially readyIt s not necessary to care for a child s childBut at least you have to meet your basic needs.

You need to save the child's education so that's an important aspect of liability for money. If you are a married couple with no consideration, you must change your spending habits.

It is good to invest in the education program at the beginning. When your child begins studying, this savings will be of great help.


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