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குடும்பத்திலிருந்து எந்தவித ஆதரவும் இல்லாதபோதும், தன்னை பலாத்காரம் செய்த சித்தப்பாவை சிறையில் அடைத்தாள் 11 வயது சிறுமி

வீட்டில் தங்கியிருந்த நேரத்தில், நான்கு முறையாவது அந்த சிறுமி பலாத்காரம் செய்யப்பட்டாள்.

Even though late, the 11-year-old girl did not go to justice. She was convinced that her 56-year-old man was imprisoned by her mentality. This girl made her endeavor, even though she was abandoned by the pedigree.

The horror began when she sent her home from Mumbai to a month in 2014. She believed she was demonized.

Unthinkable happened

However, the girl was raped in Mumbai when she stayed in Mumbai. According to the statement of the little girl, she was raped four times in a month of stay.

So, on October 26, 2014, when the person was being bathed, he went out of the house, and the girl described the horrific incident with her neighbors. Unable to bear the shock, one day he stayed with him and handed him over to the police the next day.

After registering the FIR, she was entrusted with an archive. When the parents arrived, they refused to take her.

When the case went to court, the judges were shocked

The judge knew about what was happening

"This is not the case for parents in general for their child vaadhaaduvar.aanaal these vazhakkil parents have not fought for their child anymore. There is only evidence found in the coffee," said Special Judge Rekha Pandey.


Judge Pandey, who investigated the case, said that "they did not approve of the crime and did not appear to be witnesses"

The lawyer argued that the girl was lying and that she was wrongly accused by the person calling her for exorcis.

However, the court did not give these statements. On the basis of witnesses and evidence, 56-year-old sentenced to life imprisonment

Unfortunately, such cases show that child sex rape is increasing in this country. The pills are not safe anywhere.

Keep track of such warnings

It is impossible to monitor the baby at all times.That's why children need to understand some things.The few things you can do here are:

  • Injuries. The first symptom in sexual violence
  • Fear of a particular person
  • Injury and leakage in the privacy body
  • Fear of strangers To be lonely
  • Unwillingness to go to school

These are signs of sexual violence. Read this article to see what your child is doing if you are infected with sexual violence.