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கராத்தே வகுப்பிற்கு பிறகு இறந்த 7 வயதான கஸல் யாதவ் பற்றி எல்லா பெற்றோர்களும் அறிந்திருக்கவேண்டும்

கஸல், கராத்தே வகுப்பில் பெரிய தலை காயம் அடைந்தார்.

My five-year-old daughter and I were sitting in the classroom.She was finishing her homework, and I was watching television on TV.

Suddenly, I was shocked by the startling news that I had seen and I could not believe what I saw. That's why I said to my daughter, "No matter how small a blow, you should immediately tell the teacher if you get hit on the head."

Yes, this is what happened to Ghazal Yada, a seven-year-old student from Delhi Public School in Greater Noida.

On February 2, after a karate class, a severe head injury fell on his head. He died before being hospitalized due to high bleeding.

Parents accuse the school for neglecting school

Parents feel that the school executives do not allow their daughter to hospital because they do not complain of Ghazal's head. But his father was asked to take the child home because of Ghazal's headache.

Because of his office work, his father could not leave immediately. Half an hour later came a call. "About half an hour later I had another call. The school officials told me that Ghazal and Kailash were hospitalized because the blood from the mucus was in the hospital," Yadav said.

Yadav says Ghazal is injured because of the karate training at the school. However, there is no medical protection in the school.

"The first call was to the school administration, the mother of the housewife." Ghazal has a headache and you can pick her up or say we are going home .10 minutes later the next call was revealed in the hospital due to headache. Within 10 minutes of receiving information, Her father came to the hospital but the doctor said that the baby was dead in the way she was brought to the hospital. "The school administration said that Ghazal's nose was found to have been rushed to Ghazal's nose during the ambulance," said Ghazi's uncle, a leading online news website.

"I was admitted to ICU by head injuries, but we tried to save the child. He died because of his loss and injuries," a spokeswoman from Kailash Hospital said.

This is a lesson for all parents

The incident of Ghazal is a warning to all parents like me. No matter how small the injury is, the children need help from the teacher. You too should talk about this with your children.

1. If you get hurt, then immediately tell the teacher that a minor injury will become a big problem. Do not be involved in violent behavior while playing with your friends. Do not encourage your friends by doing so. If someone tries to touch you in the school please report your teacher.

2. Look good to your friends. If your friend does not feel bad then immediately report to the teacher

3. Do not wait for the teacher to come to you for help. Access your teacher or a nearby school servant.

4. If you ask to wait for your physical abuse, repeat it again.

5. Remember the name of my father's phone. In the period of emergency, tell your teacher to call that number, if you are familiar with the phone number, you do not have to waste time searching school records.

6. If the injury occurs, tell the mother after coming home. Take care to get quick.