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ஏன் அம்மக்கள் சோர்வாகவே இருக்கிறார்கள்?கண்ணுக்கு தெரியாத பணிச்சுமையை பற்றி கேள்விப்பட்டதுண்டா?

போதுமான ஓய்வு கிடைத்தாலும் ஏன் அம்மக்கள் சோர்வாகவே உள்ளனர்?கண்ணுக்கு தெரியாத பணிச்சுமையை பற்றி தெரிந்துகொள்ள மேலும் படியுங்கள்.

Do you feel too tired after 7 hours of sleep? Do you feel worried before tomorrow? Do you talk to your friends too? Why are all mothers feeling tired?

Have you heard about invisible workload?

They are not resting for the rest of us.While we look a little bit awkward, we are thinking of something.Before going there are some things that appear before our eyes.

Oh! I want to sign my son. Take care of tomorrow.

Child need to be injected.Do you take care of tomorrow?

Have you cut the cloth from the flag? What to do if the rain comes up?

Husband's friends are going to have dinner. I have to go to the market

My daughter has two days of spelling test. Only one word is not enough to train her

Cupcake for Babys's birthday

My weight is going up, and I can not put my favorite dress in the next week's ceremony!

I still do not understand why all the mothers are always in the tragedy.

When suddenly you are thinking about this, suddenly you will get a sense of fear.As you forget, your son is dreaming to be punished in school and is asking for sleep now.And why are you wondering why are these people feeling tired?

Should I tell you about the people going to work?

This unemployed workload brings you to an unpleasant sense. We have a hundred things we need to do more than just a hundred things we'll be thinking about.

mums are always tired Mums have a never-ending list of things to worry about!

Some are maternal emotions. The other is an invisible workload.Article indicates that this is the mother's brain.This is called micro managing.

After the mother, the child's beautiful smile comes with the greatest workload and responsibility. To be frank, we are the only reason why we are tired.

Who would think if I did not think about it? It is not my intention to ignore my fathers.By the way, there is a difference between a man and a woman.Meanwhile, men are more efficient than women.That is why many people are more tired than fathers

Now if the husband takes children to cinema, what will you do at home? Concern

Did baby jacket carry? What do you do with cooling in cinema?

Will popcorn eat? In the popcorn the sugar is too much.Only come.Let the food eat? I do not know how many dolls!

Can not I go with them?

Even if we tell you to relax, we'll be thinking about the break in that break. If we handle another child, we are afraid that we can handle differently than we do

If we had left the child with our mother or parents, there would be a fear that no one could care for the child properly than us. This is why many people are afraid.

mums are always tired We need to trust that dads can handle the baby just fine without us!

Children will be happy with father

If fathers get out of the child, they do not think too much. They think that they should spend a lot of time. Do not think about the health hazards of popcorn without needing

If we go out with the baby, we'll be glad to see the netflix with a can of pear.

As we do, we have the hope of seeing the baby as well as the caretakers

Not all things can be done at all times. In some days we can not wear clothes. In a few days you will not be able to play the role.We can only do so

Not all things can be done at all times. In some days we can not wear clothes. In a few days the character can not be worn.We can only do so

Sometimes we have to express our opinions.Our husband and relatives will think that we should expect the expectation without telling us.Everyone has a role in regularizing the house

mums are always tired Mums need to communicate their needs without arguing.

Mothers need to share their fights without fighting

Sometimes, we do not know what we need for men. Do not think that they do not care for the ritual or the land.I do not want to do anything without them.Be staying uncomfortable in telling your needs.

You have to rest for a little while from the struggle of everyday life. Even if you think there is nothing wrong, you need to give time for yourself

We do not have to be a master chef, landmiller, teacher, sports trainer, businessman and work-mate at the same time.We have to do something that identifies us. Start doing things for yourself

Everyone needs a drain.But reading the book in the book, drawing on the painting, drinking tea and traveling alone - for others, we do some things to do.

mums are always tired Never underestimate the importance of setting aside for yourself.

Setting your time is the most important thing

The time we devote to us is to give us a refreshing and enthusiastic help. Otherwise, we'll get tired of thinking about why day after day.

Before your motherhood reached, your life would have been a lot of enthusiasm. Become a wife and mother, and be yourself. Do not give yourself to yourself for anything