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என் வயிற்று கொழுப்பை 2 மாதங்களில் குறைக்க நான் பயன்படுத்திய 3 சமையல் பொருட்கள்

தினமும் என் வயிற்று கொழுப்பு குறைப்பது பற்றி புலம்புவதை நிறுத்தி - என் தினசரி வாழ்க்கையில் இந்த மூன்று பொருட்களை சேர்த்துக்கொள்ள ஆரம்பித்தேன்.

I am naturally blessed by good genes. All of my family are healthy. Naturally, there is no chance of getting the bulk. My friends in Calorie order the burger without cheese, and I will buy that seas.

Despite all my experiences in my twenties, my thirties began to change in my body.If it was to leave this, there was the fear that my obesity would certainly increase.

I realized that a few changes in my age will change. Many things are hard after the compilation.If my weight is reduced by the first one year, my stomach fat is not less. Even if I eat more than that, I feel like fat in my stomach.

I started to add these three things

Every day I stopped lamenting about lowering my stomach fat - I started recruiting these three things in my everyday life.

I thought that I should share the benefit that I have seen with other mothers too.Anyway, the benefit should continue to be continued.

# 1 lemon water

As soon as I got up in the morning, I was drinking a glass every day with lemon in hot water. Although honey is sometimes added, it is customary to add lemon in just a few days

lose weight A strong concoction, hot ginger water is known for its many benefits that can directly and indirectly help you lose weight

Hot ginger water helps to lose weight directly and indirectly

I did not believe anyone when I read it, but in fifteen days I saw good progress.

# 2 ginger tea

I did not get tea.But I started drinking ginger tea twice a day to reduce my cholesterol.I do not add milk and sugar in my tea.

Ginger increases body temperature and increases cholesterol. I do not want to leave the ginger tea that has been enjoying two months.

# 3 tomato

My evening snack, salted tomatoes with salt. Except chips and biscuits, I started eating only natural food.

A big tomato, dinner, keeps my appetite in control.


The lipids in tomatoes help to burn fat very quickly. A month later, I started eating soup instead of tomatoes.

Without butter and corn flavar, just add salt and pepper to water