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என் கணவர் என் முடியை வெட்ட விடமாட்டார் .. இது பிற்போக்கான சிந்தனையா?

வெட்டிய கூந்தலுடன் என் கணவரை சந்திக்கும் தைரியம் எனக்கில்லை.

In 2004, when I saw Preity Zinta in Lakshya, I started to take care of Piksi cut hair. For women, I like the hair cut like an instruction

I liked the belief that there is no need to prove any of her feminine appearance. Even though the hair is fine, the beauty of the breath is very impressive.

This is my story: I am 35 years old in Aurangabad. Though there is a big city, there are some reactionary ideas about gender.


That's why in 2004 I asked my mother to cut my hair slightly. I want to cut it anyway after my marriage. The reason why no man is like the "girl"

The desire to decide at least once in my life remained within me. Shampoo is not advertised, but it's a great deal of glamor and shit.

Early reluctance

After two years of marriage, I did not cut my hair in the fear of what my mother-in-law would say. After that, I was going to a relative new home in a new marriage.

So I waited for a few years. He said he would like to question whether the style of Preity is in the Lakshya movie. If I ask him to cut the hair in the same way, he shouted and started laughing.

benefits of cucumber

I was mocked that I liked crazy, and he firmly told me not to cut my hair with acres.

He told me all the excuses about what relatives would tell me to love my hair.Why should I reject my desire for the satisfaction of the relatives?

My subordination


My hair has long been my whole life. Now there is a hesitation in how to be in the puberty hair! I'm not ready for my husband's anger.

I hoped for my husband to give me hope that Bob's hair would not grow well. Instead, cut my hair back to my parent's home until she grows up again.

I challenged my husband to make a one-day pop-up and stand in front of me. I'm not going to take you to any heart.

In this technologically grown age, it is embarrassing to have her husband's consent to decorate her hair

Sometimes, I am convinced that he does not want to bother me in love with me. Nevertheless, male domination is hidden. It is to be done to avoid the silence of the house.

* The writer's name is hidden from the request.