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"எனக்கு காதல் திருமணம் நடந்தது...இப்பொழுது அதற்காக வருந்துகிறேன்"

எங்கள் ஹனிமூனன்று, 2-3 மணி நேரத்திற்கு ஒரு முறை என் கணவர் தன் தாயை அழைத்துப்பேசுவார்.

Like all love stories, my life too.It was constructed by the couple.We both met in college. He was a year older than me. Love is blossomed.I called coffee to eat.We have become friends who are not indistinguishable from friends.

We both finished college and got our first job. We wanted to get married early soon.We decided to live our lives together.In this, the usual family feud has also happened.

First of all, my parents were reluctant.But all the problems passed and Agni witnessed together. We were eager to start our marriage

I thought I had a dream that I had dreamed five years ago.Henhimin Initially, some of my husband's unseen characteristics


My husband was seated with his mother

I realized my husband was clinging to her mother. On our honeymoon, my husband will call her mother every 2-3 hours.

I'm not exaggerating. In our honeymoon, whatever we start to do, he will first call Mom on the phone.

"Mom, now we're going to eat lunch"

"Mom, now we're going to see waterfalls" "Mom, now we're going to bed" (God blessing, the last thing is not happening, I think he's planning to get my nose in my hone and call me home soon)

I do not understand what is happening to me.It's the same.We have returned the same thing.While we are in another city, every day I call and talk to my husband for one hour.

This does not mean that I am the daughter-in-law of the bridegroom. I will share an example of many conversations with you.

Mother-in-law : "Hello Baba! You are thinner without proper food

I do not know.

Husband : Nothing is like that. But I am eager to eat your kitchen

Mother-in-law : "Your uncle is not respected, but your aunt did not greet your father for the marriage of the girl. If the parents do not respect their respect, how will they respect the girl?

Husband : Do not worry. I'm just talking about the spirit (i) right now

Every time my mother-in-law meets us, she will teach my husband about the maintenance of the house once every three months. She keeps in mind the conversations with me, scolding me.

"You go to work, you do not know how to manage the house management.

"Your father will be proud of you," he said.
Husband's earnings

Beyond the small things, there were some words out of reach.It told me that we're going to buy another car for the sake of how we wasted the money that we earned hard.I do not have the money to say that this earned money is ours.

I do not like my husband's calm approach

Outside, my marriage was going to be four. In all life there will be a mother-in-law who is disturbed. But my husband's calm approach has completely reduced his value

My husband was reporting on the phone with his mother not convincing me in the delivery, but he did not enjoy the happiness that we had bought in our first house and was booking a ticket for my in-laws.

My mother-in-law has never loved me or my children.One word never inquired about me or my children until now. My husband does not even congratulate me on my birthday, and my husband will call me for any little thing.

Even though he has not done any harm to me, he has never spoken to me yet.He was not able to get a single place and respect for me as a daughter-in-law.I was allocated in family matters.

My uncle had the courage to call his son to the room alone and talk to him.I felt like a maid.

I've talked about this with my husband many times. But he will tell you not to find out. But what if you do not beat me?

Is not it a kind of torture that does not accept a new member of the family? Does it mean to uplift your son's wife's talents over the years? Do not you mean to ignore daughter-in-law's parents at all times? My husband does not think so. That's why I'm sorry to marry him.

As a romantic marriage, I not only be accepted by her family but also expected to have a daughter-in-law.

He has failed to do it by all means.If he is a arranged marriage, I will understand.But for the husband who married my wife and married me, he did not get me respect for the four walls of the house. If this is the love marriage, I would have been happy without it.

Disclosure: The full name is not published by the author's request

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