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உள்ளாடை அணியும்பொழுது பெண்கள் செய்யும் மூன்று முக்கியமான தவறுகள்

உள்ளாடை என்று வரும்போது, கூச்சத்தினாலே பல கேவிகளுக்கு பெண்கள் விடை காணாமல் செல்கிறார்கள். அந்த இடத்தில தொற்று வரும்வரை நாம் சில தவறுகளை செய்துகொண்டே இருப்போம் .

When it comes to underwear, women go unnoticed by many shouting. We will be doing some mistakes until we get infected there.

According to health experts, we must follow the exclusive order that we follow to face and body care for our privacy. With a yoga band wearing g-stringing lingerie, many health problems are likely to be caused by normal things.

Health experts, gymnasts and nurses are common problems in the vagina and make it clear to us what to do to avoid the spread.

Common misconceptions about hosiery


1. Tunkumpolutu hosiery undergarments: Night tunkacellummun, of course kalarritaventum underwear.

While sleeping with lingerie is a common habit, feminist doctors say that the deficit for few hours can strengthen the body's health

By wearing the underwear, the bacterial growth has a reasonable moisture to grow. It is immediately infected.

Scientificly, bacteria grow rapidly in wet places. Your sleep lasts for several hours, it is too late to clean the john. For this reason, increasingly bacterial growth.

It is good to wear airy pajamas, except for lingerie.

2. To avoid changing the lungs after the weight: In some hottest days, it is natural that you do not have too much root. Most women change clothes, but often do not change lingerie.

During sweating, you will have more water in the underground hiding area.


Before going to sleep, you must change the clothes when you change the clothes.

Panty Liner can be used as lingerie can not be changed frequently. Stomach and sweat are often accompanied by skin irritation.

3.Child detergent: Does your vagina get more burning than usual? Is it just a time to check the soaps you use to clean your panties?

Detergent, which is often perfumed, is clad in some places after washing the fabric. This can hurt the P balance in the vagina. Do not use any spice on your john.

Cold water should be cleaned by juni and dried well with cotton cloth. PH balance affects artificial substances used to make aroma.

Therefore, the doctors say that cleaning the natural water is better than the smell of feminine beans.