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உங்கள் கொழு கொழு குழந்தையின் ஆரோக்கியத்தை எப்படி கண்காணிப்பது?

கொழுகொழு குழந்தையை யாருக்குதான் பிடிக்காது? டெட்டி பொம்மைபோல் கொஞ்சிவிடுவோம். இப்படியே வாழ்நாள் முழுவதும் இருக்கமாட்டார்களா என்று தோன்றும்!

Who does not like a fat baby? Let's sweat like a teddy bear. It will seem to be a lifetime like this!

Is there a feminine baby in our hands?

Whatever their cure, many health problems will occur in the future.

By implementing some healthy practices, your child will help keep your baby healthy and healthy.

We all know that junk should avoid eating food.After all, I would like to suggest notes that are not worth four.

4 Useful Tips to Establish Children's Health


1. Add Proteins: Adding protein in your baby's daily diet is very good.

Bourham releases hormones that convert the fat into the body. Milk, soy milk, cheese, yogurt, fish, chicken, beans, pulses, healthy sources of egg protein

2. Encourage the game: In our busy life, to keep our kids busy, we will give them some gadgets.

As soon as possible, it becomes a habit. Appearing to spend several hours before the scenes. Instead, can we be more busy with some responsibilities around the house?

Outdoor playtime is more beneficial

For example, depending on your child's age, putting clothes in the cupboard, coloring toys, and teaching you a small game like mixing grains while cooking.

3. Walk to the car: When you go to nearby areas, try to avoid the car. Install a hiking tracking app on your phone. Show children how far you did.

This is a fun game for you and your child to stay healthy.I like to walk. Let's walk 10 kilometers a day. In the past, my daughter will walk 4 kilometers a day. Although tired, she likes to walk

4. Play

If you are a small child, run a ball or catch the ball and tell him to play.

You and your baby can play some funny videos! Adult children can be included in sports training. If you want to join, you will be more lively.