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இரண்டு வயது நிரம்புவதற்குள் உங்கள் குழந்தைக்கு புரியவேண்டிய 30 விஷயங்கள்

The child does not need the language to understand what is in his mind. For a few months, the need for a child will soon be understood. However, when growing up, you should learn to speak and use it. It is a miracle in the miracle that the baby turns into a word of rage!

The language of the stone is available in the stone handbook to monitor the child's growth. The National Health Organization lists a language based on USA guidelines. That guidance is for your view.

Stone in stone: 1 year old

  1. He understands his own name
  2. Pay attention when speaking
  3. Understanding simple guidelines, for example, 'Do not eat it!'
  4. Understanding simple commands give me "give me".
  5. Understanding the terms of the word like "hello"
  6. Compare words and sounds with pictures. For example, the "tiger roars"
  7. You laugh when you laugh. Let's sing with you.
  8. Seeing the words that you know
  9. Call some of the words that he knows
  10. Usage of names often
  11. Getting the word "mama" rather than "daddy"
  12. Call you by the word, except by crying
  13. Playing with other children in general.

Risks of an age

  1. Did not they answer your voice?
  2. Is it a little nonsense?

Stone in stone: 2 years old

  1. Understand the words 'no' and 'no'
  2. 5 to point the body parts
  3. Asked to get things from another room when asked
  4. S if the head is moving. If not the head turning
  5. Keeping the word more aware than talking
  6. "Where's the door?" Understanding such simple questions
  7. Listen to the stories
  8. Saying "MORE" if you expect to do a thing repeatedly
  9. 10 - 20 words can be used
  10. "what is that?" To answer the question
  11. Identify daily use items
  12. "I use" words like "you" and "we"
  13. Include nouns and worksheets
  14. Sacrificing the two words together is "mama come!" "No!"

Risk at age 2

  • Can not your child talk?
  • Does your child want to be alone? Hate fellow friends?
  • Does he use more gestures than words?
  • Can not they understand what you say?

My baby has a few peacocks in this verification list

90% children cross the stone at that age. If your children do not get more than one stone, do not worry. It may take some time to compare with other children. That's it.

If the baby faces the risks involved, you should approach your doctor. In general, this is evaluated for the growing child. Once you have checked the book procedure, ask your doctor the right questions.

The online copy of the manual can be found here.

If your child needs treatment, your doctor will recommend a speech and language expert. Early diagnosis can be very helpful for your child. Even if you have a little question, approach your doctor