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இந்தியா அம்மக்களுக்கு விடாப்பிடியாக " பால் குடிக்க " சொல்கிறார்களா?

ஒரு நாளில் எத்தனை முறைதான் பால் குடிப்பது? இந்த விடாப்பிடி எண்ணம் எப்பொழுது அடங்கும்?

At my childhood, my mother forced her to drink a glass of milk after getting up for breakfast.

I do not like it!

I do not even have a drink in drinking milk.Every day I saw three glasses of milk for my mom.I will often say that milk helps me grow stronger and stronger.

However, all the present research has been released with the question of whether or not children need milk. There is doubt about whether or not the use of alternatives can be used. The suspicion of drinking too much milk was in my mind.

Apart from Indians, Europeans and Americans will get milk.

Milk adulteration

A few days ago I was talking to my friend. He said that not only Indians but also Europeans and Americans would love to drink milk. They have a daily routine of the most common choices of breakfast items including milk and cereals.

Nevertheless, there is no clinical evidence to suggest that milking can reduce the risk of fracture if new studies are believed. In fact, drinking milk is now said to increase the risk of obesity.

While milk is growing tall to children who drink, every day milking baby is more likely to grow in comparison with childless babies.

The artificial milk production should be blamed

In children's home, milk is the basic food item. Children have been encouraged for years to drink at least two glasses of milk. In the recent view, it seems like drinking more milk is not good.

Those who do not support dairy drinks are cultivated in cattle and artificially milking. There is no milk production which is not a nutrient content.

Instead of a real bull, the cows need to blame artificial insemination, insufficiency, hormone interference and many other modern practices. Today, a cow produces seven times more than normal cows.

How much milk is good for a day?

According to the study, drinking 2 cups of milk a day is enough for your baby. Drinking over this can harm your baby.

Health benefits

As the debate continues, Palal has some health benefits.
Calcium-rich source, your bones and teeth are very good.
Potassium can prevent heart disease.
Vitamin D can protect against cancer,
hunger and sleep increases the production of serotonin to control
protein and amino acids improves the large amount of muscle mass

Source: theindusparent