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இந்தியாவின் மிக குறைமாதத்தில் பிறந்த மும்பைக்குழந்தைக்கு நடந்தது இதுதான் !

நிர்வான், இந்தியாவின் மிக குறைந்தமாதத்தில் பிறந்த குழந்தை.ம 22 வாரங்களில் 620 கிராம் எடையுடன் பிறந்தான்.

குறைமாத குழந்தையான நிர்வானின் கதை நிச்சயம் உங்கள் நெஞ்சத்தை உருக்கும்.

22 வாரங்களில் பிறந்து 620  கிராம் எடை கொண்ட நிர்வான், நான்கு மாதமாக நியோ நேட்டல் பராமரிப்பு யூனிட் (NICU ) - டில் சிகிச்சை பெற்று வந்தான்.உயிர் பிழைப்பதில் சந்தேகம் டாக்டர்களுக்கு இருந்தது.

However, he managed to get everything done.

Nirvana now has 3 .8 kg weight

3.8 kg and 40 weeks will be discharged from Surya Hospital in Mumbai.

premature baby

Having a moderate monthly rate of 0.5%, Nirvana's story is certainly encouraging to many women.

If he saw that situation, the man seemed to have no chance of survival.

34-year-old Thai Rekha, who takes home 40 weeks after birth, "has had no negative thinking about his survival, despite negative probabilities and statistics"

As for the situation, the parents have also branded a distinctive name.

"Blessed is our God, and we have been born as a son," Rekha said  

Nirvana's journey started from the picnic.

Incidentally, his journey was a startling start.

Within 20 weeks, Rekha had a painful delivery. She was taken to a local doctor. Then Dr. Segel Desai took this case.

"I was well aware of the patient before being treated. She told me to stop steroid and immediately allow the hospital to take care of her," said Dr. Desai Hindustan Times.

After Normale Delivery, he was rushed to NICU unit at Surya Hospital in Mumbai. Born in the month of monsoon, he was born with non-developmental organs

50 nurses and 14 doctors.


"The first six camp ventilator and the next six-month airway pressure machine spent. (Lung inflammation and reduce the breathing without assistance cuvacippatarkum) a month steroid kotukkappattatununnuyir resistant to insulin therapy (steroid diabetes control the volume) of the blood changes, the laser treatment (retinopathy decrease) provided Areva by the Hindu "reported on

premature baby Image courtesy: The Hindu | Nirvaan with a nurse

Dr. Haripala Krishna Balasubramanian, Neo Nathologist "For the first six weeks, we can not say anything. There is little evidence of global survival of such children's survival. However,

In the NICU, it was necessary to protect the baby from Rs 15 lakh to Rs 20 lakh. They dreamed and now they are going to take a healthy baby home.

Nirvana's father, "Convenient family, must definitely give this treatment"

He is right.

Even if you need more money in this treatment, you can definitely spend your child. Learn more about NICU (NICU).

Here are five things you should know if your child is in the NICU:

5 things to know about NICU

Low-birth babies are generally included in the treatment of NICU. Pipes and tubes are the only natural fears. Certainly, believe that your children will return to healthier treatment

Here are the tips you should know

  • Why choose NICU? If your baby is born in a short period of time or is having trouble with childbirth, or if he / she has a health disorder in a few days of birth, the advice of doctors will be treated with NICU.
  • What kind of tools will the baby fit? This depends on your health problem. However, alarms, photo therapy machine and body fluid IV fluids for alarms, jaundice and lung damage to indicate the need for monitors and the child to monitor the baby's body temperature.
  • Who will take care of my child? There are special people who care for children. Nurse Nnotologist, Respiratory Analyst and Nutritionist in this group. There are many experts in charge of your child at NICU.
  • What can you ask the experts? As parents you can definitely ask a lot of questions, however, you should know immediately - what is the problem, when you can take your child home, get a test, and when the child needs your help, you must know who will explain this process.
  • What should I expect in NIC?  First it will be scary. But it will definitely return to mother for full time care for your child.