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இந்தியாவின் அவமானம்! ஐ.ஐ.டி. டெல்லி கல்வியறிஞர் முடிவில்லாத வரதட்சணை கொடுமையால் தற்கொலை செய்துகொண்டார்

"ஐ.ஐ.டி. படிப்பிற்கு பின் என் மகள் வீடு வேலை செய்யவேண்டுமா?" மஞ்சுளாவின் தந்தை, மனோஜ் குமார் தேவக் கேட்கிறார்

In the humiliating and outrageous incident, IIT The diplomat committed suicide by hanging himself in his hostel room by endless dowry harassment.

Bhopal Resident Manjula Devak was a civil engineer. IIT went to study PhD in water resources section in Delhi. IIT stayed with her husband at the Nalanda apartment in Delhi from the US to pursue BHD

Her husband Rajesh Veera went to Indore at the time of suicide. Manju's girlfriend told the police.

Manjula's family has accused his mother-in-law and their subsequent son-in-law for the incident. The husband's husband, Pandey, left the BH and threatened to come to Bhopal.

IIT Should my daughter work after the study?

Manoj Kumar's father, Manoj Kumar, said: "Instead of my daughter's education, she should have paid for her dowry."

Her husband's family initially acknowledged that they were against BHD.

"Although initially agreed, their attitudes changed after marriage, and she started asking for money and forced her to leave the study," said Manju's mother Seema.

Man suffering from tragedy, Manjula said that she is a good student.

"Manjula is a wonderful student. The next month, she was going to finish her study. Her mother was coming back to Bhopal and asked to do homework. Her husband Rajesh Vera asked for dowry of Rs 25 lakh.

Manjula's supervisor confirmed the family's allegations and said he was in fact a lot of pressure

"Every day I encountered a lot of problems and as a woman, I could understand her problem." Tanya is a friend of Manju.

Dowry murders in India


India is a growing country in all matters. However, it is a matter of fact that our country has the highest dowry deaths in the world according to the Indian National Crime Records Bureau. In 2012, 18,233 dowry murders have been reported across India. In India, 100,000 women are burned every single minute each year and the downtrodden problem causes 1.4 deaths per year.

While the government is making every effort to ban dowry and receive, the individual habitual practice continues in our country

While the Indian laws against dowry have been decades, practically this practice. These laws were criticized for being inefficient

It's time for the father of Manchula to come forward. It's time to get the phone and search for help. If you were in a bad marriage or you know someone, tell him to get out of such a bad marriage without worrying social gambling.

Source: theindusparent