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அவசியம் காண்க : ஐஸ்வர்யாவின் பாதுகாப்பான சைகை ஹேமா மாலினியின் மதிப்பை பெற்றது

வீடியோவில், ஹேமா மாலினி பாதுகாப்பாக வீட்டிற்கு செல்ல, ஐஸ்வர்யா ராய் பச்சன் ரசிகர்களை கட்டுப்படுத்தினர்.

First of all, I met Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in 2012 when I was a global Ambassador of Lynx. That's when he became a mother. During her delivery, she was severely criticized in the media for many times.

The festival organizer asked the journalists to ask for personal questions.

Surprisingly, Aishwarya behaved with a smile.

He is still living with the same kind.

Aishwarya's modesty and kindness has recently been praised .. Hema Malini is the same.Yes!has recently been praised .. Hema Malini is the same.Yes!

"No one can see anyone like this in the world of cinema  "

In last month's Dada Sahib Awards, Aishwarya Rai saved Hema Malini from fans.

Aishwarya continued to keep up until Hema Malini was in the car.


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Aishwarya's selfless act is very much for Hema Malini. "When the award ceremony was fired, I was bleeding for my car. It was delayed due to parked by my driver. I was looking forward to Aishwarya Rai and asked," I wait with you until your car arrives. "

In this video, we can find women to get a place and not to allow Hema Malini fans to have Aishwarya, "Hema Malini says"

Hema Malini praised this "Jaspa" actress because of Aishwarya's love.

"Like Aishwarya, few people will respect the seniority of the industry and can not say no to anyone," says Hema Malini.

You can see this video that Aishwarya overcame the crowd.

This act reflects the goodness of Aishwarya and a different character without showing it - humility. This one thing will change one's life.

Your children can easily write some good things.

Three ways to teach your child humble

  • Stay in the way of life : Not only do you teach and show life.Please encourage your child to do the same thing.
  • Learn the value : Keep reminding your children and learn how important human relationships and love are
  • Learn to serve : Teach your children to serve in a non-government organization. Helping the animals and supporting animals, we know the value of livin