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அம்மாவை போல்: ஐஸ்வர்யா ராய் பார்த்துமகிழ்ந்த ஆராதயாவின் "கேட் வாக்"

" வளரும் நட்சத்திரம்"

Initially we told you about how Aishwarya and daughter Aryaiah, who took part in the celebration of the Indian Flag of Melbourne,

Dress up traditional clothes, mother-daughter duo not only sang the national anthem, but also with their fans after the ceremony ended.


When the mother and daughter from Melbourne came out of the airports, the media watched the astrology that naturally met cameras

He did a little bit for the media. Mother Aishwarya encouraged this.

The mouse girl Aradhya did, as she had years of experience, walked to walk.

All the attention he received from the media around the world is learning to meet the cameras at a young age.

His mother Aishwarya is not only Miss World but also one of the most beautiful women in the world.

She now learns to meet the media with her mother


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All those! Children learn from you

The catwalk event of Aradhya is an example of how children care for mothers and try to copy their habits.

Being in cinema, Aishwarya will not be able to make baby makeup. But here's a list of things that the child does not have to do

Arguing : When arguing with the staff, we use some improper word. They use the same word to their friends.

Cloth untouchability : Do not open the clothes before the children in the early years. This is why the wrong idea that the clothes can be untied.

Watching TV shows for adults is one of the most common among Indian families. They think that the kids do not pay much attention to what they see. But your children also see what happens on the screen. The child is not mature enough to understand what is shadow and reality.