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அம்மாக்களே, பிரசவத்திற்கு பின் உங்கள் தளர்வான தசைகளை இறுக்குவதற்கு 5 இயற்கை வழிகள்.

அம்மாக்களே, பிரசவத்திற்கு பின் உங்கள் தளர்வான தசைகளை இறுக்குவதற்கு 5 இயற்கை வழிகள்.

Pregnancy, a woman, brings new experiences in the body and mind. However, some transformation may occur.

It is such a change in the stomach.

In the pregnant nine months, the swollen stomach turns into a cap which does not move quickly, however, although it is a ritual. However, it can be naturally removed, depending on the physical ability.

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One of the many benefits of breastfeeding is to tighten the loose skin.

Excretion of oxytocin during childhood helps to tighten the uterus and reduce body weight easily. Also, relax the muscles.

High water intake

At least 10 glasses of water per day should be eaten. This is one of the many advantages, especially skin tightening.

Water acts as a solar relief. Besides increasing the hydration in the body, increasing the flexibility of the skin will reduce the contractions.

Daily exercise

Exercises only help to strengthen the body. This also applies to recent ones.

After six weeks of pregnancy, yoga, walking, swimming and cycling can start with soft exercises. All of these will tighten the loose flesh. Three to four weeks of exercise.

Eat daily proteins

Increasing the intake of proteins such as egg, fish, green leafy vegetable increases the amount of collagen on the skin. This will also tighten the skin.

Your muscle tightening depends on the amount of food you eat and the amount of exercise you usually need to do.

Exfoliate and get massaged

Massage and motion

Most of us have a habit of massaging after postpartum. At the same time, you need to make an exponation of the so called separation.

Exfoliation mainly increases the blood flow in the body and increases the skin's reaction.